The flag of Penkhull

Created in 2018 and registered with the UK Flag Institute

In 2018 the residents and people connected with Penkhull were invited to submit designs for our very own village flag. Many ideas were brought together and four final designs were put to a public vote. The winning design features a golden saltire 'nowy' charged with a blue oval bearing a golden rooster, all on a green field. The green evokes the rural nature of this village and conservation area within the city of Stoke-on-Trent. The saltire represents the crossroads at its heart. The blue central oval represents the classic Spode tableware of the Potteries (Josiah Spode I lived in Penkhull, with his pottery works at the bottom of the hill) The rooster symbolises the weather vane on the church of St Thomas which looks down over the village.

If you would like to own your own flag to display in your home, your garden or to take with you on your travels, you can purchase various sizes from - simply type Penkhull in the search field and choose one to suit.

Penkhull flag image - free to use!

The Penkhull flag image is copyright free so anyone can use it. You can use either of these images* on your letterheads, as posters for walls or windows, on your websites

or anywhere you want to promote our fabulous village.

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