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Penkhull Village Hall
Help for the Hall

Penkhull Village Hall is run and maintained by a small, dedicated team of volunteers, but we'd welcome your help. 

Since December 2020 the hall has been owned by
Penkhull Village Hall Community Trust. The trust is a registered charity and aims to maintain the village hall as a vital part of the life of Penkhull and to develop the hall as a sustainable community hub for the future.

Practical Help
Here are some photos of some refurbishment work carried out in 2021...

The hall is a very old building which in many ways is really showing it's age - it is nearly 180 years old after all! We make the hall the best it can be so that those who hire it are comfortable and happy with the facilities we offer.
We have a maintenance schedule which enables us to regularly check various services throughout the building as well as updating decoration in the rooms available to hire and to the outside.
In spite of our best efforts, there are times when disasters happen and sometimes we need help at short notice to ensure that the hall is useable and hirers are not inconvenienced by cancelled sessions or events. In the last year we have suffered several roof leaks - here are the results...

A large area of the roof was recently replaced - at a cost of £12,000. But the costs don't stop there - the water which leached in to the various rooms caused damage to the ceilings and walls so there is always a knock on cost to repair this.
If you have any practical skills we can certainly make use of them!
To find out more please contact Mike Allen on 07396 750370


Your Village Hall
Main Hall
Main Hall

£$€ Financial Help €$£
We are all facing rising costs in the current climate. The Village hall is no different. Our energy costs have risen and, as you might imagine, a building of this age is not the most energy efficient. And as highlighted above, we are constantly battling to rectify problems that arise without warning in a building of this age.

We are currently spending approximately one third of our income on repairs and consumables (such as cleaning products and hand towels). We are working hard to spend wisely and to make savings where we can but more support is always gratefully received. The hall receives no external funding so we do our best to hire out the hall seven days a week - this is the income that pays the bills and is invested in maintenance.

How YOU can help
A Personal Donation - if you would like to make a one off or a regular donation please email
If you are a tax payer you can increase the value of your donation at no cost to you  by signing up for gift aid

Help with fundraising events - We have a team dedicated to fundraising events throughout the year. Would you like to join the team and contribute ideas and practical help? Or would you prefer to organise your own event and donate the proceeds to the hall? If you have an idea just get in touch and we'll put you in touch with the relevant people - email
Does your workplace offer support for good causes? Many organisations have a community fund and will make donations to good causes.
Let us know if you can help with this.

Join Potto Lotto! This weekly lottery raises money for good causes in Stoke on Trent. Every ticket has a 1 in 50 chance to win a prize, from free tickets to a jackpot of £25,000! The tickets cost £1 each and if you choose to support us Penkhull Village Hall Community Trust gets 50p of that and 10p goes to other causes throughout the city. There are also regular Prize Draws which ticket holders are entered into.

Go to for more details


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